A Defunct Ski Area Became A Home


Tucked into the hills and down several dirt roads, this ski area opening in the late 1940s and abandoned in 1985 is coming back to life as a private ski resort. Rescued by a family that cares about this local piece of history, our company has worked with them to restore this beautiful area by preserving and authentically renovating every building and the mechanisms that made the lifts operational.

Each of the four small buildings has a new foundation and they’ve been restored to look like they did when originally built. Everything that could be saved and repurposed was carefully removed, cleaned up and put back in place. The architectural mechanisms were used as part of the décor. The amenities which were added are subtle and in keeping with the rustic chalets.

The ski lift will be up and running by the first snowfall, and the family will be able to stay right on the property in their fully equipped chalet lodges. This is a very special place and a real tribute to the owner, architect and our talented group of craftsmen who put it all together.

Architect: Selin and Selin

Justus Cameron