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The McKernon Group, Inc.  has been designing and building a variety of unique homes and small businesses throughout Vermont and upstate New York since 1987. Our company assures every client a high level of professionalism, efficiency and craftsmanship.

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The McKernon Group
The McKernon Group Office

As Vermont builders, we have been leaders in design/build in both Vermont and upstate New York for many years. Our experience allows us to build with knowledge, skill and speed, which results in financial savings that we pass along to our customers. We work in the traditional design/bid/build mode with outside architects as well as designing our own homes. We offer a seamless workflow with a designer and project manager at your side from start to finish. Our network of professionals communicate with each other daily on schedules, budgets and construction so each person’s contribution supports the other, working toward a common goal.

Adirondack Camp
Adirondack Camp

Among Vermont Builders, we are known for our speed in executing complex and demanding projects without sacrificing first-class quality. Working quickly and efficiently results in savings for our clients. Once the decision has been made to go ahead with their project, our clients are very excited to see their home completed as quickly as possible. You may have seen us on TV! We were called upon by ABC’s Extreme Makeover to build a home in Vermont in 106 hours! We currently have 28 carpenters in the field and a significant complimenting support staff to ensure efficiency, quality and speed.

Energy Efficient Vermont Construction
Energy Efficient Construction

As Vermont builders following in the Vermont tradition, we value personal relationships. The more we know about our clients, the more we are able to personalize the building of your home or business. Many of our clients become our good friends and come back to us. The greatest compliment is when they recommend us to their friends and neighbors. We are always looking for new ways to improve our services and give our clients first class service. We are open to suggestions that not only will improve our company, but will add to the Vermont residential construction field.

Commercial Barn
Fine Furniture Business

As a client you come to us with expectations and it is our responsibility to be certain these are met. For the sake of clarity, we keep our contracts simple so they are easy to understand. We also initiate written change orders signed by our clients before the new work is completed. Because the number one concern that most clients have is staying on budget, performing services under a single contract gives us the control to oversee the costs, rather than having to work with individual services. Our ability to coordinate the entire process provides clarity in understanding the cost of the development of the build.

Lakeside Home

As Vermont Builders, the McKernon Group has a history of excellence in design and construction and a stellar reputation. We have been awarded numerous awards in the areas of energy efficiency, luxury homes, and homes under 2,000 square feet. We are most proud of the testimonials from both residential and commercial clients that we are happy to share. Among Vermont builders, we stand out as being able to deliver fine craftsmanship on a dependable schedule at a competitive price. During difficult economic times this exemplifies our stability and sets us apart as a company that can accommodate your budget as we change with the times.

Generational Home
Generational Home: move/addition

As Vermont builders living in a state that leads in sustainable building, we encourage our homeowners to consider alternative ways of building their homes with the least amount of impact on the environment. Often the secluded sites we are asked to build on pose the most formidable construction challenges. Whether it is on steep wooded slopes or lake shorelines, there are many hurdles. This includes everything from the permitting process for environmental protection to the physical challenges of preparing a site securely for a build. We are prepared to undertake any type of work including those jobs that exercise our creativity and resourcefulness.

Timberframe Home

We are Vermont builders who follow the traditions of beautiful design and enduring structures, tucking them into the landscapes of our mountain and lake communities. A significant portion of our residential projects is for out-of-state owners of second homes. Many of our clients are looking for a quiet and pastoral get-away home in the Green Mountains or the Adirondacks. These clients place their trust and confidence in our ability to follow their direction and complete the project as if they were looking over our shoulder during construction. We remain in constant contact and provide progress reports and photographs to keep them current in their absence.

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Our Divisions

Cellulose and Spray Foam Insulation

Cellulose and Spray Foam Insulation

Urethane Foam Operations™ (UFO) is a subsidiary of The McKernon Group which provides spray-on rigid urethane foam for the thermal insulation of building and roofs. MORE

Vermont Woodland Cabinets

Vermont Woodland Cabinets

Located in an expansive setting in a nearby building, this company is made up of crafters of fine wood cabinets for custom kitchens and baths, as well as quality furniture. MORE

Green Earth Energy

Green Earth Energy

Established in 2010, our newest company is a response to the growing demand for renewable energy. They design, install, and maintain solar… MORE

Home Energy Audits

Home Energy Audits

The McKernon Group provides weatherization tests for homes and small businesses. We are affiliated with Neighborworks H.E.A.T SQUAD which is a home efficiency assistance team. MORE