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Shared Lake-house

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This fabulous vacation home overlooking a peaceful lake inhabited by loons was the collaboration of two sisters and their families. Working with our architect, the spacious open plan is designed to capture lake views and to host family vacations. To accommodate both sisters, there are two master bedrooms with common living space, a deck and a screened porch. There is an inviting bunkroom for the cousins so they can all be together! The exterior has an Adirondack look to it with lofty peaks, stained dark board-and-batten siding and green trim.

This house was built on a ledge and much blasting had to be done before the home could be built. To add to the challenge, construction started in December and equipment had to be held in place so that it didn’t slide into the water. Late summer, the house was completed, and you can see by the photos that it is exquisitely decorated.