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Charming Lakehouse

Beautiful front deck
Back of house
Pahoulis exterior11
Living room
Lake view from LR
Kitchen island
Door made in our shop
Custom balustrade
Great view from 2nd floor
Beautiful tile work
View from upstairs
ePahoulis exterior01
  • Thumbnail: Entrance
  • Thumbnail: Beautiful front deck
  • Thumbnail: Back of house
  • Thumbnail: Pahoulis exterior11
  • Thumbnail: Living room
  • Thumbnail: Fireplace
  • Thumbnail: Lake view from LR
  • Thumbnail: Kitchen island
  • Thumbnail: Kitchen
  • Thumbnail: Door made in our shop
  • Thumbnail: Custom balustrade
  • Thumbnail: Great view from 2nd floor
  • Thumbnail: Beautiful tile work
  • Thumbnail: View from upstairs
  • Thumbnail: ePahoulis exterior01

This newly-built 1000 square foot darling lake house is a wonderful illustration of how you can have all that you want and need in a smaller structure without giving up charm and function. The downstairs has that lake view that we are all looking for, a fireplace and nice sized kitchen, along with a master bedroom. The upstairs has two additional bedrooms and a bath. It is the detail that makes this house so special. The honey-colored beams, balustrades and floors give a warm glow and the high ceilings and glass wall open up the house so that you feel you are living in harmony with the outdoors. This is a property that has been in the family for many years and the owner has been coming here since she was a little girl. She shared with us that “it is a dream come true” and commented that “we worked long distance, never actually meeting until the house was nearly done.”