Design Build Vermont and New York

Considering a Design Build Vermont and New York project is a process that requires a great deal of creativity, expertise, and planning which are all essential components to the overall success of a project. Our designers  help our clients define the built environment they wish to live in, while creating a building that is both pleasing and functional. They will provide the necessary tools to create a plan that matches our client’s vision.

Our staff  designer, project managers, and estimator all work together on a project to make the transition from design to the building process as smooth as possible. It is because of this that McKernon prides itself on turnkey projects that are seamless, have few changes, and stay on schedule as well as on budget. Investing in a good design can result in significant cost-cutting on the actual construction.

The McKernon Group has been a Design Build leader in Vermont for many years.  From the client’s perspective, there are numerous advantages in working with a firm that rarely subcontracts any of its services.

The number one concern most clients have is ensuring that their project is completed within budget, on-time, and as they envisioned. 

As a Design Build Vermont and New York firm, we are frequently called upon by our clients to estimate project costs at various stages throughout the design process. This is a collaborative effort between the designer, estimator, and project manager, each reviewing the other’s numbers for accuracy.  Typically, our clients will give us a budget number to work with and we then test the design against that number after completion of the Schematic Design, Design Development, and Final Construction Documents. This avoids a common misunderstanding between client and architect regarding affordability.  By keeping every service in-house, we remove the possibility of miscommunication between the contractor, subcontractor, and client.

Other advantages to the owner are having responsibility for the project rest on one entity and having our designer and project manager at your side from start to finish. We are often able to “fast track” projects since our field crews know from experience just what the designer has in mind. Our professional craftsmen work with each other every day regarding schedules, budgets, and construction techniques.

The design/build approach has a greater likelihood of a smooth work flow and expeditious progress throughout the project. Our unified design/build team will execute smoothly while working together toward a common goal of delivering a beautiful home to our clients. As our founder, Jack McKernon observed, “Design/Build removes the ego factor because all the players work for the same company and each person’s work supports the others to the advantage of all”.

Keeping the Design Build under one Vermont and New York umbrella is a unique advantage that the McKernon Group offers to our clients, ending in a great relationship with our clients that often end in long term friendships!

Our Design Services:

  • Program Development
  • Document Existing Conditions
  • Site Design
  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • Construction Documents
  • Permitting
  • Construction Administration