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Residential Construction

We  offer our clients a quarter century of excellence as a premier Vermont Builder. As you scroll through our photos  you will be struck by the wide diversity of architectural styles in both our new construction and historic preservation. We strive to offer a broad spectrum of design and execution so our clients are offered a range of choices to fit their needs. We take pride in adhering closely to existing styles when renovating.

As Vermont/New York contractors, a significant portion of our work continues to be alterations to existing homes. For a variety of emotional, financial and market-driven reasons, many of our clients prefer to make the adjustments to their home that reflect changing times and lifestyles. Reasons typically range from upgrading energy efficiency to increasing comfort levels to boosting the market value. Whatever you are seeking, we can make the process less invasive, quicker and more enjoyable.

The McKernon Group is one of the largest Vermont contractors and we are able to offer an extensive array of services ranging from design/build capabilities to a variety of in-house services. Unlike most other New York/Vermont contractors who are limited to carpentry, we have several other trades within our firm that are staffed by cross-trained employees and under our direct supervision. This not only allows us greater control over costs and quality standards, but avoids the usual delays in the project schedule caused by sub-contractors working on other jobs.

Some elements of the construction process that we rarely sub-contract to others include insulated concrete foundations, urethane spray foam insulation, blown-in cellulose insulation, kitchen and bath cabinets and custom moldings, wide plank reclaimed flooring milling and installation, photovoltaic and hot water solar installations, and energy audits.  Our own capable employees are in charge of these responsibilities which enables us to have greater control over our work project.

Our employees are cross-trained for various trades which enable our staff to perform a variety of skills on the job lending to speed in completing your project.  As a matter of fact, we are the builders who completed the ABC Extreme Makeover project in 106 hours!

Our Project Managers are experienced partnering with Architects and work with our clients from the beginning to the end, handing the keys over to our clients upon your successful project completion.

As New York/Vermont contractors, our goal is to build your Vermont dream home after fully understanding your dream and vision.  A dream home doesn’t need to be just a dream; it can become a reality.