“As we reflect on our many years in Vermont, The McKernon Group has ben a big part of our lives there. Seems like we had some project going on with your team for almost every year!  Amazing!”…Salisbury, Vermont

“Working with McKernon has been so easy; they are the nicest, most accommodating people I have ever had the pleasure of working with.  And we worked long distance, never actually meeting until the house was nearly done. McKernon is not just a builder, they are craftsmen.   Their attention to detail is incredibly high and my little lakeside cottage of 1000 sq feet is gorgeous.”…Argyle, New York

“We have used the services of The McKernon Group to plan, design and build a number of significant alterations to our home in Vermont.  The work completed by McKernon and the finished result has on all occasions exceeded our expectations. It is rare to find such dedication and commitment to making sure the result is right for the customer first before the commercial bottom line.” … Rochester, Vermont 

“You are both amazing and wonderful.” … Woodstock, Vermont

“As to McKernon Builders – as their client and the homeowner of my lake house, I can only say that I feel very very lucky that they were the builders I chose, out of a very impressive group. Their integrity, quality, willingness to address any problems or concerns were outstanding. I was actually almost sad to see them go when the house was finished, and that’s really saying something!” … Silver Bay, New York      http://www.elizabethguestinteriors.com/

“The crew that McKernon deployed to the project has been great – they are there every day from 7AM to 3PM (we watch them arrive and leave on a webcam), they keep the jobsite cleaner than most homes, they are craftsmen who do things right and willing to proffer ideas and thoughts to not only implement the vision of the house, but to make it better as they build the house.” …Huletts Landing, New York

“While we did all we could to design the structure and select the proper materials, inevitably situations arose where we could significantly improve the house. This is where the McKernon team showed its true professionalism and care, often bringing opportunities to our attention and making recommendations to improve the house. Many of the changes involved additional work, rework, and customized built-ins, some of which were at no cost, while others involved an additional cost. In every case the McKernon team provided fair pricing, and conducted the work with the professionalism and care as if they were building their own home.” …Silver Bay, New York

 “We felt that we had not only made a friend in our sales representative but we had also located a company that would take a personal interest in us and the success of our project.” … Rochester, Vermont

“In many regards, you exceeded our expectations by taking the initiative to go above and beyond what was required in the job.  You gave us a place that we will cherish for our lifetime. We will be sure to share your name if we come across anyone looking for a builder. You guys are the best!….Wells, New York

“Your work is why our cottages have looked so fantastic over the years, and when it was time to sell, it was no doubt why the new owners decided to make their purchase decision.” …Salisbury, Vermont

“Beyond the quality of your team’s workmanship which has always been outstanding, we always felt a personal connection with you.”…Salisbury, Vermont